About Us

Our Mission

Wardrobe to Create Impressions’ is the driving force behind our business. We aim to contribute and make a valuable addition to people’s lives by providing a clothing line up of the highest level of elegance.

Our History

Established in 2018 Royal Look has been in the fashion wear business for over 40 years now. Royal Look is the oldest & absolute menswear brand of Pakistan. Starting as a clothing brand for women and kids; Royal Look realized the need for a men’s formal wear brand and so in Royal Look launched its formal suiting line up for men. Over the years, Royal Look kept growing and launching products as per the contemporary men’s fashion. With every passing year the wardrobe for men kept improving due to the untiring efforts of stylist designers and team.

Our Line Up

Ranging from smart casual to formal, our clothes cater for all occasions that require that extra elegance from attending a high-profile meeting to a chic dinner party or from the next polo match to the next put in golf. We at Royal Look have something for all suave men. Be it Winter or Summer we ensure that regardless of the season our customers remain comfortable yet in style at all times.

Want to dress up as the best-of-the-best. then we have our exclusive suiting line up, Black; exquisite super-fine suiting for those special occasions to make one stand out from the crowd.

We are the first ever branded company which is offering “made-to-measure” facilities and provide various options of high-quality fabrics so the customer can select and enjoy customised stitching services according to their preferences. At the same time, they can relish with the brand value of Royal Look.

If anyone says that they can’t look good in a traditional Shalwar and Kurta and Shirts, they obviously haven’t checked out our traditional clothing section. Our smart casual clothing line up of our traditional clothes ensure that you look the best for that special occasion, be it Eid day or a mehndi function.